1. Mentorship: if you are thinking about pursuing a career in EMS and hoping for mentorship please feel free to reach out. I'm happy to help. 
  2. Field training programs: I have extensive experience in this area and would be happy to help develop and implement a field training program for your agency. 
  3. Standard operating procedures: Thorough up to date SOP's are organizationally necessary. If you desire assistance with policy development I'm experienced in this arena. 
  4. Leadership evaluation and training: If you are seeking leadership training or struggling with employee morale  I can assist. 
  5. Educational materials: I have a comprehensive background as an educator and can offer a variety of services in this area.
  6. Speaking engagements and presentations: I'm happy to speak publicly about emergency medical services. In addition, I aspire to present educational and inspirational emergency medical services content to fellow colleagues.